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Home Gardening

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a solarium or greenhouse attached to your home, providing sufficient light to your plants or seeds may be a problem. If you want to grow vegetables, or any other sun-loving plants, to maturity, you’re going to need grow lights.

So, when you’re short on sunshine, our Gro Pro lights will get your seeds off to a good start. Our indoor lights also help keep light-loving plants like African violets, citrus, orchids, etc. Use them to raise fast-growing crops of nutritious salad greens and herbs as well.

Growing Cannabis

To grow cannabis at home, you need three basic things: seeds, water and light. Our Gro Pro lights are a great solution for any person or businesses wishing to grow plants indoors or inside a greenhouse. Our Gro Pro lights mimic the color spectrum of the sun, allowing plants to grow without any direct sunlight.

Grow Tents

Our grow tents allow the home grower to have a contained space that protects the plants. Plus, you don’t have to do any construction or remodeling to your property to accommodate your plants.

Professional Series LEDs

Professional Series DE and CMH

Grow Tents & Packages

About Gro-Pro

Bring the Gro Pro magic of the sun indoors with our grow lights and grow tens! Our wide selection of lighting products allows you to choose the right system for your needs and budget. Whether it’s a simple LED set-up, full lighting setup for your greenhouse, or one of our grow tent packages. Gro Pro is the best place to start your next grow project.

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The GroPro 1000W DOUBLE ENDED KIT is awesome and doing the job. I did lots of research before I committed to buying my grow lights. Very satisfied with my choice. – David D.

Very Nice!!! Thank you so much! I just got my grow light and I’m extremely happy with my purchase! Fast shipping, solid packaging, and a great GROW LIGHT. – Thomas T.

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